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Baked Potatoes for Food Service

Microwave Baked Potatoes
Take a look below at our gourmet baked potatoes. Our baked potatoes are offered at affordable prices. If you need to buy a perfect baked potato, you will find we have what you need. For a closer look at any of our microwave baked potatoes, simply contact us to arange a sample.

restaurant baked potatoNever run out of baked potatoes again!  

Our Gourmet Baked Potatoes are very high quality and an excellent choice for food service!  Because our IQF oven baked potatoes work great in the microwave, they can be heated when they are ordered from the frozen state or held in a steam tray just like a fresh baked potato. This is extremely convenient because it makes it possible to offer fresh baked potatoes at any time of the day with no waste. 

This product is very flexible. You can thaw them out over night in the refrigerator and then put them straight into the steam tray, warmer, microwave or oven for a faster warming time.

With fresh baked potatoes if you bake too many you end up making something like potato salad or hash browns the next day to avoid waste because it no longer works very well for a baked potato. With our potato you only heat up what you need. If you do need to hold them over they are still great to serve as a baked potato. 

Contact us to get this high quality potato for your menu.

This potato makes great mashed potatoes without the mashing. Think of it as instant mashed potatoes straight out of the skin with that baked potato flavor. Just heat one up, slice it open, scoop out the white potato meat, stir in the flavoring and you have a perfect portion of flavored mashed potatoes that tastes fresh.

They also work great for baking large quantities like in schools and catering because they can be ready in an oven in half the time of a fresh baked potato.

Our special process for baking and freezing these potatoes is what gives our product its good taste and high quality.  It is this process that will give you an edge with our baked potatoes.

Some of the great benefits of our potato are: Uniform size, no waste, convenient, no washing, scrubbing, or culling, long shelf life, short warm up time, and you can offer them on your menu 24 hours a day.

This product is perfect for: Restaurants, Potato Bars, Deli, Fast Food and Catering, etc.

Quality: Our plant meets all Federal and State requirements for food safety and has received a "Superior" rating from the American Institute of Baking. 

Our Gourmet Baked Potatoes are currently being used in schools and restaurant chains, in the US and over seas, all with great results!

Contact Us today, for pricing and shipping information.

Baked Potato Case Info

Gross Weight: 32 lbs 

Net Weight: 30 lbs.

Cube: .83

Tie/High: 8 x 10

Potatoes per Box:

8 oz. - appx. 60 potatoes - In Stock

7 oz. - appx. 68 potatoes - Special Order

6 oz. - appx. 80 potatoes - In Stock

5 oz. - appx. 96 potatoes - Special Order

4 oz. - appx. 120 potatoes - In Stock

3 oz. - appx. 160 potatoes - Special Order

Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage Temp.: 0 degrees F.

Prep Instructions:
Prep Instructions vary by size.  For more information on prep instructions and pricing, please contact our sales office.


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