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Hi Ken, 

I want to say that I think your Baked Potatoes are WONDERFUL!   Not only are they great microwaved, but I've taken them camping, wrapped them in foil and cooked them in a Dutch oven.  I've also cooked them on a barbeque grill.  Every way that I've prepared them they have always turned out perfectly.  Basically all that needs to be done, is warm them up!  I'm impressed that there's a product on the market that is so versatile and easy to use.  You've struck a run home with me!

Best wishes for continued success....Mary,      Aberdeen, Idaho 

First of all, I have to tell you ** I do not like potatoes.  I know I'm from Idaho and I don't like potatoes. As a kid that seemed to be the only thing we had to eat. Fried potatoes, potato stew, potato soup, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, scallop potatoes. Believe me, I have had them any way they can be fixed. My wife got some of your frozen baked potatoes and fixed one for me for our dinner. I really didn't want to eat it but, she wanted me to just try them so to pacify her, I put the butter and sour cream on it and tasted it. All I can say is WOW! I'm impressed. We now take them camping, have them at barbaques, and they are a regular at our dinner table. WE, love them. My wife just throws a couple of them in the microwave for about 4 minutes when the steak is done so is the potato, best tasting potato I have ever eaten. Good job

E. Dean,       Burton, Idaho

I just had to write and let you know how GREAT I think your frozen whole baked potatoes are. We own a restaurant called Cedrics in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

We have been using your frozen whole baked potatoes for about 3 years now and we love them. The flavor is exceptional, they come out right every time. They are moist and fluffy. The appearance on our plates is fantastic.  

We have been having a lot of wild fires in our area the last month or two and a couple of weeks ago we were ask to supply 60 dinners for the firefighters. We had two hours to have them ready, had it not been for your potatoes we would have never made it. It would have taken the 2 hours if we had to sort, clean, and bake that many potatoes. Thanks to your potato, we made it. The next night all 60 firefighters came in for dinner. We would have never prepared 60 baked potatoes on a week night for meals, but we had your potatoes, it took 20 minutes to have enough baked potatoes to feed all the firefighters.
The great thing about these potatoes is there is no preparation. With fresh, I had to sort, scrub and bake for an hour and a half or longer, depending on the amount of potatoes we need to do. I can offer them any time of day. I have no waste because I can do a few in the oven and if I need more before the evening is done I can microwave as many as I need to finish. I never have to tell a customer, "Sorry, we're out of baked potatoes". This is a wonderful product, "Kudo's" to you.
Yours Truly,    Niels,     Idaho Falls Idaho

The frozen baked potatoes are just the thing for a quick meal. I honestly cannot tell the difference between them and a fresh baked potato and I grow potatoes for a living. The one difference I see is five minutes and I am eating compared to twenty.  Thanks world wide foods.

Dan,   Terreton, Idaho

Dear World Wide Foods,  I have used your baked potato and I love them.  They are so easy for the kids to fix themselves that I am impressed, no hard mashing, etc.  I am a working mom and these fill the bill for an easy-to-fix dinner.  Thanks!

Earlene,    Terreton, Idaho 

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